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Outdoor Burning Permits

If you currently have outdoor burning permit with a number 1601 or greater, you can renew your permit online. Simply enter your current permit number below. If you are a new land owner, do not have a current permit, or do not have a green or red 9-1-1 address sign, you will need to contact the Fire District to obtain your burn permit. Permits are at the fire station Tuesdays - Saturdays 10am-6pm by calling 541-629-8911.
Permits are valid November 1st - October 31.



Enter Current Burn Permit #

If you have not had a recent Burn Permit or you are a new property owner, please contact the fire district office at 541-629-8911 or email permits@lakechinookfireandrescue.org

Fire Restrictions
Fire Danger - MODERATE

For Current Burning
Information Call
BLM,Grasslands & USFS

Burning Ban

Outdoor Burning is Prohibited
June - October.

Debris Burning is allowed 7:00am to Noon Please call 541-410 5077 for daily outdoor burning regulations If your fire gets out of control

Burn Barrel Regulations

• Clear combustible material 10 feet from around the base of the burn barrel.
• Must be located at a minimum of 25 feet away from combustibles, structures or property lines.
• Cover the burn barrel with ¼ inch mesh screen to entrap embers.
• No holes may be in the barrel except for air holes not more than ¼” inch in diameter. Holes may not be caused by rust rot.
• Only dry paper may be burned, no plastics